Back home and planting the tootsies in a lovely deep shag

Just back off a tour with KT and fresh from a morning school run. It’s muggy, the sun is sitting behind fat water heavy clouds. Which I can empathise with. My face is the sun and I shall beam away until all these heavy watery todo list clouds have vaporised. If you don’t do your to do list with your face specifically, more fool you. Sometimes I lower face on to the to do list and wait for the jobs to seep via osmosis into my brain. Which is difficult because a) I’m pretty sure osmosis works on a water gradient basis * and b) I wear glasses so I have to awkwardly tilt my head backwards. Oh the promise, oh the satisfaction of writing a thing which you intend to do on something. Manifesting my future like a conjurer, conjuring. Possibly cheap tricks. Speaking of manifesting my own destiny I’m going to get this idea for a workshop and…. oh hang on…. Postman came…

One of my posties is a character. He heard me practicing sax and ever since then we chat about music. I already knew he was a drummer but I just found out he practices 3-4 hours a day and has done since the age of 17. Unless I miss understood, he might mean that that’s what he does now. He told me there’s a chap over the road who had a record deal in 1995. He’s just started jamming with. There goes my feeling of being the musician friend the postie has, he’s got a better one with a record deal. Which he jams with, rejection.

Anyway, manifesting destiny blah blah. Time to start the to do list but I’m here, “hello world!”. Winter hibernation is over with a bang! RAWR.

Oo bvreakfast is ready…. guess I’ll do my to do list later!

Ta ra, k

*I guess the paper has less water so my face would start leaking into it at some point? or would I just air dry quicker. Would it matter if I was alive…. I presume if I was dead there would be a lot more seeping/dripping going on. I shall put “explore the possibilities/implications of decomposing humans/animals on notepads” on my notepad.

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