Kieran’s Christmas Ceilidh Caper


When you have your ticket your name will be added to our automatic list so just mention your name at the door or if you want you can show them your confirmation email. Just add how many adult or child tickets you want to your basket, feel free to donate more to help cover the costs of the night 

21st December 7.00pm music starts BYOB

Walkerville Community Centre click here for google maps.

6 Pinewood Cl, Walkerville, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 4SZ

It’s 6 minutes walk from Walkergate metro station

Kieran’s Christmas Ceilidh Caper is jam packed evening of music and dancing featuring, a brass band playing christmassy tunes and carols, a traditional rapper dancing display, a concert performance by Brierdene (local folk band studying on the Newcastle University folk and traditional music degree), a fifteen piece ceilidh band, the premier of a new Christmas Song, mince pies and mulled wine!

Christmas Carols with the Story Tellers Street Band – upto a 6 piece with soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxes, trombone, tuba, trumpet and percussion. You can see them busking around the streets of Newcastle.

Kieran’s Ceilidh Capers Big Band – Kieran Szifris (flute) and Emma Coleman (fiddle) from the Northern Music Centre are joined by five professional musicians (listed below) on drums, bass, keys, saxophones, fiddle and flute

The Ceilidh Capers Big Band with members of Monster Ceilidh Band will be showcasing students hand picked from Northern Music Centre to perform arrangements written by Kieran for you to ceilidh dance to. There will be a caller to help you learn the dances too.

The night will be a great way to celebrate Christmas and get in the spirit with a traditional Rapper dance performances, the hot young trad band Brierdene who are studying at Newcastle Folk and Traditional Music BMus Degree Course will perform, and The Story Tellers Street Band playing carols and Elliot Rush’s new Christmas single ‘Christmas Worth’. If you’re lucky maybe a few tunes from the Monsters to see the night out with a Walkerville record breaking Strip the Willow!

There’s going to be mince pies. Not Greggs ones either proper good mince pies, like those nice ones from Aldi or maybe someone will cook some! … And hopefully mulled wine – not sure how we do the licencing for that…

Musicians in the band the Night are –

Kieran Szifris (flute, octave mandolin, sax) – We Are the Monsters, Monster Ceilidh Band, Kathryn Tickell and the Darkening, Ostar, Sparty Lea, Story Tellers Street Band

Amy Thatcher (accordion) The Shee, Amy and Fran , We Are the Monsters, Monster Ceilidh Band, Kathryn Tickell and the Darkening.

Joe Truswell (Drums) – We Are The Monsters, Monster Ceilidh Band Kathryn Tickell and the Darkening, Wonder Pants.

Katy Trigger (electric bass), Elliot Rush (Keys), Stu Finden (Sax) Fiona Finden (Sax)

Please bring lots of friends so we can cover the costs of the hall and musicians!

Schedule for the evening (timings approximate)

7-7.30 Christmas Carols with The Story Teller’s Street Band

7.30 – 8.15 called ceilidh with Kieran’s Ceilidh Capers Big Band

8.15 – 8.25 Traditional North East Rapper Dancing with Star and Shadow Rapper Dance

8.25 – 8.30 ‘Christmas Worth’ the premier of local music teacher Elliot Rush’s Christmas single

8.30 – 8.50 concert set from Brierdene local hot young folk band studying on the Folk and Traditional Music Degree at Newcastle University

9.00 – 9.40 called ceilidh with Kieran’s Ceilidh Capers Big Band

9.40 – 9.50 Brierdene and the pro band end the night on Stomach Steinway woman everyone polkas round

…..for the musician’s eyes only

Schedule for the Day


4-6pm Kieran’s Ceilidh Capers Big band Rehearsal at Northern Music Centre first hour split second all togther

6-7pm Sound Check ( PA set up – Joe and Mike, Hall Set up – Nina and others)

Ceilidh timings above.


You are not expected to play on every tune. Practice the ones you feel most comfortable with. Remember if you make mistakes there will be other flute playing so it wont get heard – just continue to look cool! You’ll need to practice all these tunes three times through and into the next tune three times through.

Don’t forget to practice your cool look in the mirror – mine’s on the poster!

ceilidh set list

1st ceilidh Set

Drummond Castle/Naga Jig – Jig Set (Circassian Circle)

Peace Keepers / Superfly – Reel Set (virginia Reel Dance)

Battered Hake Polka / Pipers and Polys – Polka Set (Gay Gordons Dance)

2nd ceilidh Set

Bouree de Montford / Last Chance Bouree – Bouree Set (Bouree)

Kieran’s Waltz – Waltz set (Rosa Dance)

Jig of Slurs / Myra’s Jig – Jig Set (Strip the willow dance)