Arpeggio World Championships

Current World Champion is Kieran Szifris with a time of 03:13.230


  1. Contenders must play the circle of 5ths backwards starting on C. (C, F , Bb etc)
  2. Contenders must play the major and its RELATIVE minor key.
  3. Contenders must start on the lowest tonic note on their instrument go upto the highest tonic on their instrument.
  4. Contenders must say the key
  5. Contenders must spell the arpeggio before they start.
  6. Contenders must play each arpeggios rhythmically even.
  7. Contenders must either tongue or slur not both
  8. Contenders must upload their entry to youtube or send me the entry and ill upload it on mine
  9. Contenders must have a visible timer on screen
  10. Contenders must first enter a time in the one octave championships before entering the all octave (exceptional circumstances apply)

All Octave Championship Standings

  1. Kieran Szifris 3:13.23

2. Amy Thatcher 3:21.04




One Octave Championship Standings (promotion to two octave sub 5 minutes without dots)

1 Ian 04.08.05

2 Sam 6.27.39

3 Lucy 08.48.64

4 Sophie 04.10.00 (with notes)

5 Ian 04.48.05 (with notes)