As well as playing with different bands I also teach flute , mandolin and other things. If you’re interested in music lessons with me I’ve written a little guide to what I teach below.

Hey Flute students! I’ve now moved the link to my private online meeting room to your personal pages, should make life a bit easier 🙂 k

How I Teach

I teach by guiding the musicians interests and helping the learner explore what they are interested  in whilst keeping an eye on the foundations of playing. Rather than a prescriptive march through boring tutor books and Grades, though I do that as well 😉

Music Lessons for Skype

I currently teach at Northern Music Centre, privately from my home in the North East and online.

My approach involves asking students to make videos/recordings for the lessons to analyse. This means students can learn how to evaluate their own performances. It’s hard to get a piece right all the way through for a video, it really focuses the students attention on getting it right! Playing music can play tricks on us and sometime we think that we’re practiced something right, the videos help students check that this is correct. other benefits are that you can to track your own progress and there’s no performance anxiety in lessons. Each lesson we will be looking at the very best you can do.

I teach a range of material with notation and sometimes aurally from ABRSM and Trinity graded lists, folk tunes, jazz studies and transcription, and recently even flute rock repertoire like Jethro tull!  Every student learns differently and wants to achieve different things

My hourly rate is £36 and I offer half hour lessons. Lessons are paid for a in blocks of four and dates for the next lessons are agreed on the day of the previous lesson. You don’t have to have concurrent weekly lessons.

Flute & Sax

I teach ABRSM to Grade 8 and beyond, and have experiences teaching Jazz Grades upto ABRSM/Trinity Grade 5. My degree was in folk and traditional music so students who are interested in folk tunes, ornamentation and repertoire are very welcome. I also have an interest in jazz and can guide a  student through beginnings of repertoire and improvisation.

Mandolin & Octave Mandolin

You can hear me play these instruments with Kathryn Tickell, Monster Ceilidh Band and Chester and the Fog.